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TCU Faculty Handbook

In the summer of 2023, this online Faculty Handbook was created by transferring information directly from the Faculty Section of the 2022-23 Faculty Staff Handbook to the Provost’s website. The process was carried out by the Provost’s Director of Communications with the knowledge and support of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The online Faculty Handbook information was carefully scrutinized and reviewed against the 2022-23 Faculty and Staff Handbook by a special committee of the Faculty Senate, led by 2023 President Omar Harvey, for accuracy of the transferred information.


The Faculty Handbook is a ready reference for answers to most questions concerning TCU’s academic policies and procedures. It is not meant to be all-inclusive. More detailed information may be secured from appropriate personnel, websites, and/or publications. The provisions herein are as current as possible and may be reviewed, amended, or revoked following reasonable opportunity for consultation with the segment(s) of the University affected by proposed changes. If errors are found, please email the Director of Communications for the Provost, Elaine Cole, at

This handbook is for informational purposes only. The provisions of this handbook do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any staff or faculty member and Texas Christian University. The provisions of the handbook are subject to change without notice.


2024 Faculty Handbook


Constitution of the Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate

By-Laws of the Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate

Academic Affairs Councils

  • University Council
  • Graduate Council
  • Undergraduate Council

Academic Affairs Committees

  • University Advisory Committee
  • TCU Core Curriculum  Committees
  • Research Committees

Terms and Conditions of Service

  • Faculty (Full-time, Part-time, Adjunct, Postdoctoral Appointees, Emeritus)
  • Appointments and Contracts
  • Faculty Compensation Philosophy
  • Terms of Employment
  • New to TCU Faculty Orientation
  • Removal
  • Academic Freedom and Faculty Responsibility
  • Alcohol Usage (on campus, off campus, international)

Tenure Policy

Faculty Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Policy

Statement on Professional Ethics

Graduate Faculty Policy

Faculty Advisory Committee Structure

Academic Conduct Policy

Conflict Resolution Policy for Faculty

Faculty Appeal Policy

Work Load Policy

Academic Responsibilities and Procedures


Hard copies of the Faculty and Staff Handbook dating from 2000 are available in the Provost’s Office. Hard copies of the Faculty Handbook will continue to be available in the Provost’s Office from 2023 forward, annually each summer. PDFs of hard copies are available upon request from Elaine Cole, Director of Communications, Note that the 2023 and future PDFs will not include the policies but will link to the policies in Policy Tech.