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Strategic Plan

Vision in Action: Lead On

In April 2019, the Vision in Action: Lead On strategic plan goals and recommendations were presented to the Board of Trustees, The Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Provost’s Council, which includes school and college deans, all committed to aligning their strategic priorities with these university priorities.

TCU Strategic Plan



Academic Affairs Strategic Priorities 2022

Strengthen Academic Profile and Reputation

Maximize academic excellence, relevance and sustainability

Strengthen TCU Experience and Campus Culture

Strengthen the Endowment

  • Alignment of new endowed faculty positions and endowed scholarships/fellowships across schools and colleges

Strengthen the TCU Workforce 

  • Support new Deans, Registrar and Core Director
  • Search and Hire Two New Deans
  • Support Startup of Office of Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs


Academic Affairs Strategic Priorities 2019-21

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