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Strategic Plan for Academic Affairs

Excellence, Relevance, Sustainability

Provost Dahlberg is committed to aligning Academic Affairs’ unique strategic priorities with the university priorities of TCU’s Strategic Plan, Vision in Action: Lead On.

For Academic Affairs, Goal 1: Strengthen Academic Profile and Reputation, translates into strengthening Academic Excellence, Relevance (return on investment), and Sustainability (financial). The Provost leverages the TCU data warehouse and enhanced data tools, and the leadership of our Deans, to achieve this goal. 


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Academic Affairs Updates to Trustees

Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Subcommittee Report, Fall 2023

Distinguishing TCU Research, Fall 2023

Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Subcommittee Report, Spring 2023

2022 Academic Affairs Update

2021 Academic Affairs Update

2020 Academic Affairs Update


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