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Faculty180 is the online system for faculty activity reporting. It provides convenient, user-friendly access to record achievements. 


  • Record your teaching, research, creative activity, scholarship, service and awards, all in one place.
  • Eliminate redundancy. Enter an item one time and use it in multiple places.
  • Use customizable CV templates and reports for annual reports, promotion and tenure reviews, accreditation, grant submissions, etc.
  • Import functionality of citation information and publications from databases such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, in various formats such as BibTex or RIS.
  • Minimize workload by granting delegated access to your account to students or employees for data input.
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Get Started

  • Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended for best performance. Ensure your browser is up-to-date.
  • Log in from anywhere via  > Helpful Links. Sign in using your TCU ID and password to access.


Helpful Guides

  • Begin with this helpful Faculty180 Navigation Guide.
  • Log in to Faculty180 to access help guides and videos under Announcements & Help  >  Institutional Announcements > TCU Faculty180 Resources (guides) and TCU Faculty180 Training Videos (videos).
  • Zoom training sessions are available periodically. Sign up via the Koehler Center at


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to enter information in the Profile section for Faculty Annual Report?
A: Your college or department may require this so please verify if unsure. This is useful if you plan to utilize Faculty180 for your CV.

Q: Do I have to enter information on every section of the Faculty Annual Report?
A: If a section is not applicable, you do not need to enter data in the section.

Q: I am missing a course in my “courses taught” list, who should I notify?
A: Please email

Q: When you add something on one page does it populate all other places?
A: Yes, but it might not be on your faculty annual report based on the time period.

Q: Some data I have entered is no longer showing up. Where did it go?
A: If you’re on a specific form (Ex. 2021 Faculty Annual Report, 3 Years of Research & Creative Activities), it will only pull the semesters that fit within its date parameters. By clicking “View All” in the data entry section, your previous entries will pull up. You can adjust the semester/year as needed.

Q: Can I future date publication information?
A: Yes, but if it falls outside of the date parameters for the current Faculty Annual Report, it will not show up in your submission.

Q: Why are my entries not in Ascending/Descending Order?
A: The system stores entries by semester/year and is flexible to adjust for reporting. In the summary view, you can click any field header such as “Semester” and then change the sort from ascending to descending noted by the up or down arrow.  This function is available in all sections.

Q: How can I review my report before submitting it?
A: There are two ways to do this. 1. On the left-hand menu under “Vitas & Biosketches,” select the view icon for the form you would like to review. This view allows you to click on the section header and edit quickly. 2. Click the “Preview CV” button before you hit submit. We recommend saving a copy from this view before you submit.

Q: I accidentally submitted my report and need to go in and make edits. How do I access the form again?
A: If the deadline has not passed, you can access your form by going to “Forms & Reports” on the left-hand menu and clicking the form you wish to edit. When you’re ready, hit the “Submit” button again and it will save over the previously submitted version. If the deadline has passed, contact your Chair so they can return your form for edits.



Questions? Contact us at or 817-257-8230.