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Faculty Annual Reports

Annual reports are used to formulate recommendations for merit salary adjustments. Only regular, full-time faculty members are required to submit their annual reports. Reports are submitted online through the Faculty180 system, accessible through your my.tcu login.

2022 Annual Report Process

  1. BEGIN:  Prepare your annual report in the prescribed format in Faculty180. Login at 
  2. INCLUDE:  These 2 forms must be submitted:
      • Faculty Annual Report for Spring 2022-Fall 2022
      • Research & Creative Activities for Spring 2020-Fall 2022
      • Submit your annual report by Tuesday, January 17, 2023
  4. REVIEWS: The Provost’s Office reviews the reports and may share them with the Chancellor. Permanent records of Faculty Annual Reports are maintained electronically in Faculty180.

The COVID-19 activity classification remains in most sections so that faculty can note the impact the pandemic has had on specific activities.

The Provost’s Office administers this software and provides training, instruction and documentation to support faculty. A list of training opportunities can be found here:

Direct content-related questions (where to place student mentoring activities, professional service activities, etc.) to your Department Chair.
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