TCU Core Curriculum

General education provides students with a breadth of knowledge and range of skills they cannot gain in any single major

In partnership with majors and minors that prepare our students for specific career paths or professions, the TCU Core Curriculum emphasizes breadth of knowledge, problem-solving, and the development of the skills requisite to be a rigorous thinker and empathetic citizen in the world today. – Dr. Theresa Gaul, Professor of English and Director of the Core Curriculum

The TCU Core Curriculum is the very core of the TCU educational experience, a base of general education that prepares Horned Frogs for upper-division college courses and majors, and lays the foundation for them to navigate a changing world, contribute to their communities, and find fulfillment as lifelong learners. Our students develop skills to be innovative critical thinkers. They understand how Natural Science speaks to Humanities; how Fine Arts can come together with Mathematical Reasoning in an unexpected synergy; how Oral and Written Communications help them synthesize and communicate across all classes and majors.

TCU students devote one-third of their academic study to the Core Curriculum, especially in their first two years. Faculty members across the university contribute innovative courses to the Core, ensuring it stays relevant and engaging.


  • evaluate information
  • use multiple perspectives to solve problems
  • look for connections across cultures and disciplines
  • develop cultural awareness and sensitivity across differences
  • clearly communicate and express ideas
  • embrace innovative thinking
  • practice ethical reasoning
  • collaborate with others to create change



TCU Core Curriculum is guided by principles of equity and inclusion. Students practice skills in cultural diversity and intercultural sensitivity, civic responsibility, and global problem-solving.


Meet the Director and Core Review Committee members.

TCU Core Curriculum Director Theresa Gaul ( and faculty committee members develop and maintain the TCU Core Curriculum and assess it regularly, working with the Faculty Senate.


The core curriculum gives me the invaluable opportunity to learn in classes that I might not have taken otherwise, with students from different majors than me. Living in a bubble does not lead to progress. Being exposed to other people’s opinions and ways of life, even just through TCU students, allows me to grow in my knowledge and range of thinking.

Luke Fravel, Class of 2024, Pre-Business Major

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Three areas of focus for the Core Curriculum

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Meet the Director and Review Committee

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