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Tenure & Promotion

Procedures for Preparing Recommendations for Tenure and Promotion

The recommendations should be as detailed and current as possible since they are the basis on which decisions are made by University administrators and committees.

Who Prepares the Packets
The faculty member is responsible for preparing the vita and supporting materials and must attest to their completeness prior to submission.

Sequence of Required Items
Please put the tenure packets in the following order:

Items 1-4 below should be addressed by the Chair (or Dean if your school is not organized on a departmental basis) and sent as a formal memorandum to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. A separate memorandum must be submitted for each person.

  1. Dean’s final recommendation. Include the judgment of the departmental or college advisory committee. Give specific recommendations of action to be taken.
  2. Recommendations – All departmental and college-level recommendation letters.
  3. Annual Tenure and Promotion Review letters.
  4. External review letters. Letters to include assessment of scholarship or creativity.
  5. Vita.
  6. Personal letter.
  7. List of all available additional materials for review. Table of contents from materials folder.

How to Submit
A BOX folder will be set up for each college and school. All packets must be submitted to the appropriate folder.


Tenure and Promotion Calendar

Tenure and Promotion Calendar 2021-22


Tenure Extension Request Form

In the case of an extraordinary experience or event beyond the individual’s control that affects a nontenured faculty member’s performance, which may or may not include a leave covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, the faculty member may request an extension of the probationary period. Additionally, a female faculty member may request an extension of the probationary period in the case of uncomplicated pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. Such a request should be timely, but no later than one year after the event of consequence, the date of delivery, and in no case after the tenure materials have been submitted.  – Section II.B.3.i of TCU’s Tenure Policy states

This Tenure Extension Request Fillable Form is for the requesting faculty member to complete and submit to the Chair and Dean for approval. The Dean will then forward to the Provost’s Office for processing and approval. The faculty member (copying the Dean and Chair) will be sent a formal letter of approval or denial. 

When a faculty member is granted an extension of the probationary period due to FMLA or due to an extraordinary experience, including the COVID-19 pandemic, once that faculty member receives tenure their commensurate salary increment will be retroactive to the time period when they were originally eligible for tenure, so salary will not be impacted by the extension. Anyone on the tenure track and not yet tenured is eligible, even if the faculty member has already received a one-year probationary period extension.