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Tenure & Promotion


It is important that the recommendations be as detailed and current as possible because they are the basis on which decisions are made by the various University administrators and committees.

The faculty member is responsible for the preparation of the vita and supporting materials and must attest to its completeness prior to submission. After the tenure decision has been made, all materials considered during the process must be forwarded to the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for archiving. Faculty should keep this in mind when preparing materials that all items submitted will be retained by the University; nothing will be returned to them.

Please put the tenure packets in the following order:

  • A. Items 1-6 below should be addressed by the Chair or Dean (if school not organized on a departmental basis) and sent as a formal memorandum to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. A separate memorandum must be submitted for each person.
    • 1. Dean’s final recommendation. Include the judgment of the departmental or college advisory committee. Give specific recommendation of action to be taken.
    • 2. College Advisory Committee Recommendation (or early reference to it in Dean’s letter)
    • 3. Faculty Advisory Committee (or early reference to it in Dean’s letter)
    • 4. Chair Evaluation. Evaluation of effectiveness as a teacher. Include information such as student evaluations, teaching loads and level, new course development, teaching strategies developed, effectiveness on graduate committees. Evaluation of achievement as a scholar or artist. Include among other information a discussion of the quantity/quality issue of the work and comments on the reputability of journals and other publications as well as the reputability of other outlets of creative and/or professional activity. Evaluation of the faculty member’s
      • (a) service to the institution and profession,
      • (b) involvement and effectiveness as an academic advisor, and
      • (c) activities related to continued professional development.
    • 5. Annual Tenure and Promotion Review Letters.
    • 6. External review letters. Letters to include assessment of scholarship or creativity.
  • B. Faculty Vita [Reference – TCU Vita Format]
  • C. Candidate’s personal letter.
  • D. List of all available additional materials for review. Materials to be maintained in the Dean’s office.

All information must be scanned and sent to the Provost electronically.