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Tenure & Promotion

Procedures for Preparing Recommendations for Tenure and Promotion


TCU’s policy on Tenure and Promotion is available here.


Other helpful information is available in the Faculty Handbook available here and specifically below:


Who Prepares the Packets
The faculty member is responsible for preparing the vita and supporting materials and must attest to their completeness prior to submission. The recommendations should be as detailed and current as possible since they are the basis on which decisions are made by University administrators and committees.

Sequence of Required Items
Please put the tenure packets in the following order:

Items 1-4 below should be addressed by the Chair (or Dean if your school is not organized on a departmental basis). 

  1. Dean’s Recommendation – Include the judgment of the departmental or college advisory committee. Give specific recommendations of action to be taken.
  2. Recommendations – All departmental and college-level recommendation letters.
  3. Annual Tenure and Promotion Review letters
  4. External Review Letters – Letters to include assessment of scholarship or creativity.
  5. Vita
  6. Personal Statement
  7. Additional Materials – Research samples and teaching materials – List all materials for review in a Table of Contents.

How to Submit
A BOX folder will be set up for each college and school. All packets must be submitted to the appropriate folder.


Contact Mica Bibb, Associate Director, Faculty Services, Appointments and Recruitment, with any questions.


Tenure and Promotion Calendar

Click below for the university-level calendar. Consult your college, school or academic unit for any unit-level dates and protocols. Non-tenure-track professors of professional practice and instructors will follow these deadlines for promotion; however, external letters are not required at the university level. Consult your appropriate college, school or department for specific criteria.

Access the Tenure and Promotion Calendar 2023-24 here.


Tenure Extension Request Form

For eligibility requirements for an extension, see TCU’s Tenure Policy. If you, the requesting faculty member, meet the requirements, submit this form, Tenure Extension Request Form, to your Chair and Dean. If approved by the Dean, the Dean will forward it to the Provost’s Office for review and approval. The faculty member (copying the Dean and Chair) will be sent a formal letter of approval or denial.


University Advisory Committee

The University Advisory Committee advises the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on actions concerning promotion and tenure in accordance with the policy and procedures of the Faculty Advisory Committee Structure.