Updates to the Promotion and Tenure Policy

Dear Colleagues,

Here is another project that has been a long time in the works. Three years ago a committee was formed by the Provost and Faculty Senate, with faculty representatives from every college and school, to update, clarify and consolidate TCU’s policy for promotion, tenure and emeritus status.

Their recommendations were submitted to all faculty, Faculty Senate, deans and chairs for review and feedback. The final recommendations were then provided to the President’s Cabinet for approval.

The updated Promotion, Tenure and Emeritus Policy (formerly the Tenure Policy) will be implemented during the 2024-25 academic year. You can access it in PolicyTech here and on the Provost’s website under Faculty Resources, Faculty Handbook.

What changed?

  • Information was consolidated from other places in the Faculty Handbook and online, including Faculty Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Policy; Faculty Appeal Policy, and Faculty Advisory Committee Structure.
  • P&T committees will be restructured so that members are at the same rank or above as the faculty being reviewed.
  • Reviews will happen at the department level, college/school level and university level. The review committees are determined at the start of the academic year with deadlines and dates for service confirmed.*
  • Faculty being reviewed will be notified at every level and can submit a letter should they disagree.
  • The process for seeking early promotion or tenure has been clarified.

*The calendar for promotion or tenure is included in Appendix A of the Promotion, Tenure and Emeritus Policy. For those about to be considered, we will contact you directly with more information.

What didn’t change?
The Promotion and Tenure process is essentially the same (with the above improvements). It is now laid out all in one place.

Still to come:
The committee’s recommendations pertaining predominantly to nontenure-track faculty will be considered in the 2024 Fall semester.

This was not an easy project and I commend all who took on this endeavor to make our P&T process better. Here is a list of the committee members who devoted three years to this. Feel free to give them a high five when you see them around campus.

Best wishes,

Floyd L. Wormley, Jr., Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Vice Provost for Research
Dean of Graduate Studies