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Promotion and Tenure Policies Review

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Provost Dahlberg has commissioned a committee to review the process and timeline for promotion and tenure, as well as the faculty appeals process. The committee will then make recommendations for improving the efficacy and clarity of these processes. Moving forward, the committee will evaluate criteria for promotion and tenure for consistency across the university.


Procedures/Sequence/Calendar (Current Committee Charge)
Eligibility – Defined 2021
Criteria – Future Committee Charge


University level – Faculty and Staff Handbook
College and School Level – Tenure and Promotion processes

Expected Deliverables

  • A comprehensive calendar or flowchart with relevant action steps drawn from all current documentation
  • Website with robust FAQs

Emergent Questions (as of 1/26/22)

  • Does a departmental (college) denial stop the process completely? (Both T and/or P)
  • Are FAC committee decisions advisory only?
  • Does “Tenured faculty” mean all tenured faculty in the unit? Subset?  Expanded for small units?

P&T Policies Review Committee

Christopher Watts, Dean, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Peter Frinchaboy, Professor and Director of Graduate Programs, College of Science & Engineering

Danyelle Ackall, Instructor, Neeley School of Business
Heather Confessore, Administrative Assistant, AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Lori Diel, Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, College of Fine Arts
Michael Fagella-Luby, Professor and Director of ANSERS Institute, College of Education
Emily Farris, Associate Professor, AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Kathy Ferguson, Asst. to the Dean and Finance Administrator, College of Science & Engineering
Carrie Franklin, Assistant to the Dean, College of Fine Arts
Michael Kruger, Dean, College of Science & Engineering
Joanne Green, Professor, AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Mark Houston, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Neeley School of Business
Francyne Huckaby, Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs
Paul King, Professor, Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Curt Rode, Senior Instructor, AddRan College of LiberalArts
Greg Stephens, Associate Professor, Neeley School of Business
Chip Stewart, Professor, Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Lee Tyner, General Counsel, Office of the Chancellor
Danielle Walker, Associate Professor, Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Sonja Watson, Dean, AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Floyd Wormley, Assoc. Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies