TCU Announces Revised 2020 Fall Semester Academic Calendar

A revised calendar has been created for the 2020 fall semester in response to the Chancellor’s recommendation to end the term prior to Thanksgiving.  This proposed schedule keeps our community safer by requiring less travel, enhances the holiday break for students and their families, and allows students more time to work during the break.

A number of key stakeholders were interviewed and consulted in the creation of this recommendation.  This includes, but was not limited to, the Academic Deans and Associate Deans, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, the University Registrar and Director of Financial Aid, the Directors of Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research, Undergraduate Admission, International Student Services, Financial Services and various faculty and staff.

A successful completion of the fall semester prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday will require the following adjustments to the existing academic calendars:

  • The first day of class for the fall term will be Monday, Aug. 17.
  • Additional class days will be conducted on:
    • Sept. 7 (Labor Day)
    • Oct. 8 and 9 (Fall Break)
    • Nov. 23 and 24 (Thanksgiving Break)
    • Sept. 26 and Oct. 24 (Saturdays)
      • These two Saturdays will be for MWF classes only, and are required to meet SACSCOC requirements for minimum hours of instruction.
      • Individual faculty may determine if these Saturday classes will be held on-campus or online and should include that information in their syllabi.
      • Note: There are away football games on both of these Saturdays.
  • In the event of inclement weather, classes can be conducted online, rather than cancelling and losing a day of instruction.
  • The last day to drop a class is Oct. 22.
  • The last day to elect the P/NC grading option is Oct. 23.
  • The last class day of the fall term is Tuesday, Nov. 17.
  • There are no study days prior to final exams, but students will have a weekend between days 3 and 4 of the final exam period.
  • Final exams will be held over a five-day time-period.
    • The exam schedule is Wednesday, Nov. 18 to Tuesday, Nov. 24.
    • We will utilize the normal daily schedule of 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • The official last day of the fall semester is Dec. 10.
  • Grades for December degree candidates should be posted by Dec. 4.  All others are due by Dec. 10.
    • Diplomas will be mailed ASAP after Christmas break.

Other Items:

  • Some faculty have expressed concerns regarding burnout for both themselves and their students, related to a 15-week schedule that has no breaks.
    • eTrainers should encourage faculty to build “rest periods” into their course schedules (some weeks with lighter workloads, fewer assignments, etc.) as one way to combat this.
    • Student Affairs is gearing up for additional resources to offer students.


2020 Fall Revised Semester Calendar

SACSCOC guidelines require 37.5 clock hours / 2,250 minutes per class in a semester.

  • 2,100 minutes of class time
  • 150 minutes for final exam