Looking Forward to Fall 2021

Dear Horned Frogs,

We did it! We made it through more than a year of unprecedented disruptions, changes, pivots, losses and other challenges. As we look to a future with a highly vaccinated population, we are excited to welcome all students back IN PERSON this fall.

Face-to-face interaction is a cornerstone of TCU’s personal, connected experience. We carefully planned this return to campus over several months with guidance from the Campus Readiness Task Force and following TCU Health and Safety Guidelines.

What does an in-person fall semester mean?

  • Students will be in classrooms. We are prepared and eager for students and instructors to learn, discuss and interact in person in a collegiate environment made for individual and group academic development. We will continue to focus on everyone’s health and well-being by maintaining physical distancing and wearing masks, following the most recent guidelines of the CDC.
  • Only a very few classes that could not fit into the in-person classroom schedule will be held online. These are designated in Class Search.
  • There will be no online or remote options for in-person classes. Individual requests for online enrollment of in-person classes cannot be granted. In short, TCU has returned to in-person classes. Dual options are not offered.
  • Classes will be held in a variety of spaces on campus, all transitioned to support an optimal learning environment and physical distancing.
  • We are providing the same selection of classes as any normal fall semester. As always, colleges decide which classes to provide each semester with the utmost concern for and assurance of our students’ timely progression through major curricular requirements. Opportunities to register for class requirements outside of majors (such as the TCU Core Curriculum requirements and other electives) are continually prioritized as students advance through first-year, sophomore, junior and senior years.
  • Utilizing the full academic schedule means classes will be held throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. Students and faculty may have classes that end in the evening followed by classes that begin the next morning. We anticipate this schedule will only last one semester, based on improving health and safety conditions.
  • We encourage everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine and report it to TCU.
  • As with all things, current pandemic conditions may change our plans at any time. For the safety of our community, we will adjust as needed, plan accordingly, and communicate changes swiftly.

Use Your Summer Brilliantly: Summer Classes

In addition to planning for an in-person fall, we carefully planned an online and in-person summer to help students make progress towards graduation. This is an excellent time to take popular classes that fill quickly in spring and fall semesters, core classes, and classes in a minor, emphasis or second major. Find more information here: https://www.tcu.edu/summer.

Academic Events and Activities

As a reminder, events and activities are allowed on campus after May 10 following the process outlined here to ensure that all activities adhere to TCU Health and Safety guidance, provide documentation for contact tracing, and help us adapt to changing conditions. This includes all on-campus and off-campus events, internships, clinicals, research and conferences with more than 20 TCU participants or any number of non-TCU participants. This excludes regular departmental meetings or similar recurring activities.

See you in the Fall!

Having all of our Horned Frogs back on campus – students, faculty and staff – is the light at the end of a year that has been both challenging and inspiring. I look forward to seeing you all again as we exemplify our ever-strong Horned Frog spirit.

Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs