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Excellence, Relevance, Sustainability

Strengthening academic excellence, relevance and sustainability at TCU is a key goal of Academic Affairs.

We aspire to move beyond an additive culture of excellence towards a culture of continuous assessment, to maintain an evolving portfolio of academic programs that strengthen our academic profile and reputation, prepare graduates for today’s world, and ensure responsible stewardship of student tuition and donor gifts.

We will leverage the TCU data warehouse and enhanced date tools, as well as the leadership of our deans.

Provost Abi-Nader Dahlberg is meeting with every department chair at TCU to go over these goals, share ideas and welcome insights.


  • Student profile
  • Student experience
  • Faculty profile
  • Accreditation, licensure
  • Core Curriculum, program review


  • Accreditation, licensures
  • Eternal boards
  • Enrollment success’
  • Jobs, salaries, graduate and professional school


  • 2020 curricula reviews
  • FY21 21% budget reduction
  • 6% faculty body reduction
  • 10% enrollment growth
  • up to 48% average financial aid