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Global Seminar Room Guidelines

The Global Seminar room allows users to connect with others by using video conferencing software, such as Skype, with a hardwired connection for less delay whether with someone across Fort Worth or across the globe. In addition, the tiered arrangement seats up to 30 people, which allows every person to have a desk space and a good view of one of the two front displays. Reservations can be made for single-day or multi-day use, and, for this reason, reoccurring events such as classes or department meetings cannot be scheduled in the Global Seminar room.

The Global Seminar room seats 30 people and can be reserved by faculty and staff.

Food and drink are allowed in the Global Seminar room; however, it is recommended that food and drink or catering displays be set up outside of the Global Seminar room on the South hallway facing the library.

No chairs or additional furniture are allowed in or out of the Global Seminar room unless needed for accessibility purposes.

Please leave the room in the same condition you found it and turn off all technological equipment at the end of each use.

Please contact Missy Fralia (817-257-7415) at least 72 hours before your event if you have technology requirements.

They will brief you on the use of the technology before your event. If you have already been briefed, you will not need this service.

Please submit all reservation requests a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.