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Academic Affairs Flexible Work Arrangement

This Flexible Work Arrangement pilot program for Academic Affairs applies to Academic Affairs staff and temporary employees (full-time and part-time) who request a flexible work arrangement. It does not apply to faculty.

Access the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy for Academic Affairs 

Click here to review the details of the AA Flexible Work Arrangement Policy Pilot Program.


April 2022: Provost’s staff committee made three recommendations for a flexible work arrangement for Academic Affairs employees.
June 2022: Deans reviewed the recommendations and chose one.
August 2022: Provost Dahlberg announced a Pilot Program for a 4/1 Model Flexible Work Arrangement for Academic Affairs staff.
October 2022: The Academic Affairs Flexible Work Arrangement pilot program commences.

The Committee

Committee Guidance
Provost Dahlberg commissioned a staff committee, co-chaired by Mike Scott and Courtney Hendrix, to look into options for flexible work arrangements that support TCU’s Strategic Plan, Vision in Action: Lead On, specifically Goal 4, Strengthen the Workforce; Goal 1, Strengthen Academic Profile & Reputation, and Goal 3, Strengthen the TCU Experience & Campus Culture.

Committee Work
The committee consisted of representatives from each school and college, the library, the Vice-Provost’s staff, and the enrollment management division. There was an appropriate mix of exempt and non-exempt staff, and various levels and managerial responsibilities. The committee conducted research and reviewed a variety of information sources to assess best practices in the industry and to evaluate the needs of the academic affairs division.  This included:

  • Survey of academic affairs staff.
  • Review current remote policy published by TCU Human Resources.
  • Review policies implemented by the various TCU Vice-Chancellors
  • Review of similar policies at other Big 12 and peer and aspirant schools.
  • Obtain pertinent articles and studies.

Key Conditions
In its evaluation of options, the committee identified several key conditions that must be met.  The committee assumes that any flexible and/or remote work arrangement must:

  • Enable or enhance productivity.
  • Be implemented as a pilot program and reevaluated for continuance.
  • Not cause or contribute to the need for additional staff or for existing staff to perform additional duties or work additional overtime hours.
  • Not adversely affect the services that are provided to students, or internal or external customers of the department.
  • Require employees to be responsible for ensuring their personal computer equipment and data plan are adequate to support work at an alternate location and that they are responsible for any associated cost.
  • Make clear that working from an alternative workplace is not intended to provide child, dependent, and family care, convalescing or caring for an ill family member. The presence of children or other dependents, guests, or pets in the alternative workplace cannot disrupt the overall performance of work activities or negatively affect the productivity of the employee.

Committee Members
Courtney Hendrix (Co-Chair)       Coordinator of Degree Certification, School of Fine Arts
Mike Scott (Co-Chair)                     Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Kristen Barnes                                  Librarian Access Services
Wendy Bell                                       Office of the Vice Provost
Sandy Callaghan                             Director of International Studies
Trish Cassaday                                  Assistant to the Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexandrea Deleon                         Administrative Assistant, Science and Engineering
Heath Einstein                                 Dean of Admission
Audra Guereca                                 Assistant to the Dean, College of Education
Carrie McKenzie                               Administrative Assistant, Political Science
Mark Muller                                       Assistant Dean, Neeley School of Business
Jean Stayton                                     Assistant to the Dean, Schieffer College of Communications
Sarah Walters                                   Academic Program Specialist, School of Music

For recommendations to the Flexible Work Arrangement for Academic Affairs staff, email