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Meet Octavio Andrade


How did your journey lead you to choose a STEM field of study?

Growing up I always had a deep fascination with how the world works and the nature of its parts, so science was always my go-to subject. That passion for it never went away and continued to develop and expand the older I got. STEM offers the chance to feed that passion in a way that no other field could for me, while also ensuring my future profession is something I genuinely enjoy doing.

How do you believe studying in a STEM field will help you make a positive impact on the world?

STEM is an ever-evolving field of study that promotes not only innovation but the equal distribution of improving technologies and techniques. Through that, I hope to help elevate the quality of life for everyone as I strive to encourage true and positive progress within the field itself.

STEM is a tool with which I can become an agent of change in my life, my community, and even the world.

What drew you to TCU?

I was primarily drawn to TCU for its gorgeous campus and the community it fosters. Additionally, the STEM-related programs, including geology, are some of the most outstanding in the country. Together these factors presented me with one of the best options available.

What has the STEM Scholars Program been like for you so far?

The STEM Scholars program has been extremely beneficial as it really opened my eyes to the rigor associated with college. It gave me a greater understanding of how to approach vital habits such as studying and optimizing time usage. It also introduced me to like-minded yet unique students who also shared the same work ethic and similar journeys as me. Their support and that of the staff have given me the inspiration to keep moving forward with my own education and aspirations.

What are your future plans?

I plan to go for my master’s in geology and am still contemplating getting a Ph.D. I intend to enter a career in paleontology, working either in a museum performing both research and curation, or becoming a professor in paleontology. I primarily want to focus on vertebrate paleontology more than anything else; however, I am not closing out my other options completely.