Scholars Abroad

STEM Scholars are global citizens. Many of the students from the program have had opportunities to broaden their perspectives through study abroad trips. Here are their stories.

“Cultural Routes proved to be far from a study abroad ‘trip’ to Europe. As stressed prior to our first flight, made evident during our time there, and solidified once we came home, Cultural Routes is an all-encompassing experience in Germany, Switzerland and Italy that undoubtedly resulted in me growing as an individual. We were pushed physically, mentally and emotionally, treading 8-10 miles every day, whether on city streets or up mountain ranges, while being pushed to question and compare our own cultural background to our current foreign environment. On this experience, I saw the most unbelievable sights — from the Neuschwanstein Castle to the Swiss Alps — that I never could have accurately envisioned without seeing with my own eyes.

We were able to meet, dine and learn from so many of the locals who shared their own cultural experiences, traditions and ways of life that proved so different from ours in America.

Most importantly, however, I was able to develop a newfound community encompassing 15 other TCU students and two faculty members that will continue both throughout my time here at TCU and after graduation. Being in that size of a group, not too small or too big, we were able to motivate each other to find interest and beauty in the various academic fields that we studied. Whether visiting a historical site in Berlin or the Uffizi Art Gallery in Florence, somebody had a passion for the knowledge surrounding us and they were able to pass on that passion to others. I will always be grateful for this opportunity to experience these incredible places with 17 incredible individuals, and I believe I will continue to grow from what I learned about both myself, and the lives of others across the globe.”

— Griffin McPherson

“This summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rwanda. The three weeks I spent in there were gratifying. It’s one of the most beautiful and cleanest places I’ve ever visited, and it taught me so much. From witnessing a live birth and death to engaging with Rwandan students and healthcare professionals to cooking and serving food with the Good Samaritan foundation, I can truly say it was an experience of a lifetime.”

— Kayla Thomas

Kayla Thomas in RwandaKayla Thomas study abroad

“I studied abroad in Panama over spring break through TCU. I worked with a non-profit organization called Las Claras: Voces Vitales. Las Claras is an education center that provides resources, education, and various opportunities for teenage mothers. The program provides classes that are geared toward a high school degree and has a daycare center for their children.

While there, my group and I worked on two community projects that involved community service and global awareness. Our first project focused on community development. We toured and assessed the community to see what problems could be fixed and what solutions could be implemented combat those problems. We also helped create posters and decorations for their new daycare facility. Our global awareness project involved us making a video that highlighted the significance of the program and the effect that it has on the girls.

This trip was very life-changing. I got immersed in the Panamanian culture and had the chance to connect with the girls and also interact with their children. This trip was an incredible experience, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to participate in the TCU Global Academy program.”

— Kynnedy Brown

Kynnedy Brown in Panama at a clinicSTEM Scholar Kynnedy Brown helping

“My first time ever leaving the country was a success. Working with the children at school was most impactful to me. I believe the youth is our future and empowering the youth attributes to establishing a greater future. The one on one tutoring was special because I feel like I was able to connect with the student and actually help them achieve their academic goals. Overall, this was a trip that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life.

Learning new things and meeting new people has allowed me to see the world from the other side. I was unaware of the social and economic life in this area, aside from bits and pieces from social media. I hope that I was able to leave a mark on some of the peoples heart I met so that they will strive for greatness and continue to help their community.

I know I didn’t change the world, I wasn’t there long enough for that. However, I will say that my contribution made an impact.

I let people know that their journey isn’t over and there so much more to gain. I reminded them to never give up on their dreams. I helped them understand that they are worthy, deposits what anyone else says. I helped them be great, I believe they will inspire others and continue to do so. This is why I believe I changed lives during my stay in South Africa.”

Devieonte WarrenSTEM scholar study abroad