Vision in Action: Lead On steering committee in place, recommendation papers online

Illustration of the first strategic plan goal: Strengthen academic profile and reputation

Recommendation papers from each of the four Vision in Action: Lead On working committees are now complete, and the steering committee that will guide the university into the next phase of its strategic planning process is in place.

VIA, now in its third phase, began in 2003 as a participatory process among faculty, staff and students to help chart a vision for TCU’s future. We continue to evaluate our internal and external environments, identify opportunities for improvement and secure the resources needed to help us achieve our goals.

Last fall, the development phase of VIA: Lead On began. We hosted open forums to gain a better understanding of the campus environment, along with the perceptions and needs of our campus community. More than 230 Horned Frogs set to work on recommendations for achieving each of four goals set forth by the Board of Trustees: strengthen the academic profile and reputation, strengthen the endowment, strengthen TCU experience and campus culture, and strengthen workforce.

Guided by this input, the newly formed steering committee will assess recommendations outlined in the committee papers and prioritize them based on practical implementation and budgetary requirements, with a goal of Board approval next April.

“The appointing of this steering committee marks a crucial milestone in our planning process, and I am confident the team we’ve assembled will use its collective expertise to propel TCU on its journey toward greater distinction,” said Provost Nowell Donovan.

VIA: Lead On Steering Committee members are as follows:

  • Walter Betts—Chair, Staff Assembly
  • Nathan Brasher—President, Graduate Student Senate
  • Brian Gutierrez—Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  • Phil Hartman—Dean, College of Science & Engineering
  • Jan Quesada—Secretary, Faculty Senate
  • Megan Soyer—Associate Provost
  • Greg Stephens—Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Darron Turner—Chief Inclusion Officer/Title IX Coordinator
  • Susan Weeks—Vice Provost
  • Abbey Widick—President, Student Government Association