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Inclusive Excellence Framework

Inclusive Excellence infuses diversity and inclusion into all aspects of TCU to ensure that they are essential to the mission and success of the university.

Since joining TCU in Fall 2019, Provost Dahlberg has made Inclusive Excellence a priority for academic affairs. Her goal is to leverage and optimize TCU’s current DEI operations to be as evidence-based and effective as possible.

The Provost conducted extensive roundtable discussions with faculty and staff, and in partnership with TCU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion consulted with a national leader in diversity to inventory TCU’s existing strategies, structures, programs and actions that drive inclusive excellence. The inventory recognized important achievements to date, including:

DEI Inventory

Based on the inventory, the Provost’s Office developed a plan with comprehensive accountability systems.

Academic Affairs Inclusive Excellence Plan:

  • Campus-wide Inclusive Excellence framework, plan and accountability systems
  • Local Inclusive Excellence activation plans
  • Faculty recruitment and retention initiative
  • Campus-wide DEI training and leadership development program
  • Inclusive Excellence innovation and partnership fund

Setting targets, benchmarks and assessments will ensure that TCU maintains and enhances the existing progress toward Inclusive Excellence.