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Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures


Faculty Credentials for Accreditation

Faculty Responsibilities


Background Check Procedure for TCU Appointments

Faculty Hiring Checklist

Faculty Qualifications and Credentials Alternative Justification

Faculty Titles

Search Procedures for Part-Time Faculty Positions

Guidelines for (Re)Appointment of Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

Guidelines for (Re)Appointment of Non-teaching Adjunct Faculty

Policies and Procedures

Academic Program Review Guidelines

Faculty and Staff Handbook

  • Tenure Policy
  • Faculty Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Policy
  • Academic Conduct Policy
  • Conflict Resolution Policy
  • Faculty Appeal Policy
  • Student Grievance Procedures
  • Work Load Policy
  • Academic Responsibilities and Procedures
    • Teaching, Student Perception of Teaching
    • Registration, Class Scheduling Class Periods, Course Syllabus, Class Rosters
    • Office Hours
    • Student Records, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • Withdrawals from Class, Attendance Expectations, Absence Policy
    • Disruptive Class Behavior, Lack of Academic Progress
    • Walks
    • Grading, Grade Rosters, Grade Appeal
    • Disclosure Requirements for Academic Programs Leading to Professional Licensure
  • Distance Learning and Web-Enhanced Courses
  • Faculty Workload Policy

Evaluation of Faculty Degree Credentials from Non-U.S. Institutions

Faculty Exempt Staff Personnel File Management

Faculty Stipend for Summer Committee Work

Faculty 12/12 Vacation Policy

Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures

Professor of Professional Practice Policy

Recognizing a Center of Excellence