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Section 4: Connected Campus Experiences

Approaches for starting the fall semester

We anticipate beginning the fall semester August 17 on campus. Deans will spend the first three weeks supporting their instructors to practice delivery of the various online delivery elements that are included in their course design models.  It’s important that students become confident in their ability to learn across delivery modalities.  For the examples given herein, this would include having class discussions or lectures on Zoom, establishing virtual team rooms, facilitating threaded discussion groups and taking a test or quiz in a virtual environment.  Instructors are not encouraged to teach fully online during this test period, but rather to inject asynchronous and synchronous virtual elements into the course and make course adjustments based on student feedback and comfort with using new technologies.

A campus-wide student assessment survey (similar to SPOTS) will be delivered at the end of week three to provide formative assessment to instructors and enable Colleges to focus additional support where needed.  At week four, instruction resumes On Campus mode as typical.  Transition to Modified On Campus, Dual or Online mode commences if demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Table 6 illustrates scheduled activities for the fall semester.



Aug. 16Instructors have posted approved course syllabi with course designs onto TCU Online for courses offered during fall 2020.
Aug. 17 to Sept. 4Instructors teach on campus and interject online components into the course so that students can become comfortable with experiences such as virtual lectures, virtual group work, virtual tests.
Sept. 4 to Sept. 11Student Assessment Survey administered to assess student confidence with online learning elements. Instructors make course adjustments based on student feedback.
Sept. 11 to Nov. 24Instruction in On Campus mode resumes as typical. Transition to Modified On Campus, Dual or Online mode commences if demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic.