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FAQs for Faculty

Find answers to the most frequent questions we have received from instructors. We will continue to add updates. If you have a question that is not on this page, send to


Hybrid Certification

ALL instructors, whether teaching in-person or online, must complete Hybrid Certification through the TCU Koehler Center.

Summer 2021 Modalities

  • In-person Only (IO) – Classes delivered in person only. No online access is available. Lectures may be recorded only for students with approved accommodations.
  • Online Only (O) – Classes delivered entirely online. Students meet synchronously as a class for virtual face-to-face instruction.
  • In Person Dual (IP) – Classes delivered in person in the classroom and simultaneously online. Student Engagement Facilitators support classroom technology and engagement with online students.

Fall 2021 Modalities

  • In-person Only (IO) – Class delivered in person only. No online access is available. Lectures may be recorded only for students with approved accommodations.
  • Online Only (O) – Classes delivered entirely online. Students meet synchronously as a class for virtual face-to-face instruction

In-Person: Will I have a traditional classroom on campus for fall?
We are utilizing both traditional classrooms and other spaces due to physical distancing protocols and space limitations. These nontraditional spaces have been transitioned to fully support a classroom learning environment. We will reevaluate all classroom spaces and physical distancing protocols as the semester nears.

In-Person: Will we go back to “normal” classrooms and schedules if CDC distancing guidelines are lifted before or during the Fall semester?
No. We will continue to be prepared and hold classes in physically distanced spaces in the event that the pandemic shifts

In-Person: Are there occupancy limits and COVID capacities for on-campus classes?
Yes. All classes on campus must adhere to established COVID-19 capacities. Capacities and classroom diagrams are posted at all room entrances.

In-Person: Will classrooms be arranged for social distancing? 
Yes. A diagram is posted outside each classroom indicating the maximum capacity and approved furniture arrangement. Please do not move furniture.

Online: Is there a TCU Zoom account?
Yes. Download the Zoom App from and login with your TCU username and password.

Online: Is there an attendance policy for Online students?
The attendance policy is at the discretion of the instructor, must be clearly communicated in the syllabus, and encompass equity and inclusiveness. In general, Online students are expected to engage synchronously at the time designated in the course schedule, Central Standard Time, as it translates to where the student is located. You may elect to make provisions for remote students, such as recording class lectures.

Online: What are the guidelines for recording an online class session?
Follow FERPA requirements:

  • Identifiable student information should not be shared with anyone not enrolled in your course.
  • Tell students that you will be recording. While this notice is not required by law in Texas, it is required by many states where students reside.
  • Allow students to turn off their camera and microphone and participate via CHAT if they prefer.
  • Disable cloud recording settings.
  • Include language in your syllabus about the purpose of recordings and the protection of student information. Example: “Class sessions may be recorded. Students will be notified if so. Students who participate with their camera engaged or use a profile image are consenting to have their video or image recorded. If you choose not to be recorded, turn off your camera and do not use a profile image. Likewise, students who un-mute during class and participate are consenting to have their voices recorded. If you do not want your voice recorded, keep your mute button activated and communicate exclusively using the CHAT feature.”

Online: How can I promote inclusive online teaching?
The Office of Diversity & Inclusion has also compiled a list of strategies and tips for creating equitable classrooms online.

Adjuncts: How many courses may I teach for Summer and Fall 2021? 
TCU adjuncts teach a maximum of 10 credit hours per semester and 20 credit hours per academic year.  Occasionally, the Provost’s Office approves a limited number of adjuncts to teach 22 credit hours in an academic year, if the dean demonstrates that unexpected teaching needs have arisen.

Adjuncts: Can I receive a visiting lecturer appointment for Summer or Fall 2021 if I request to teach an additional course?
Visiting Lecturer positions are requested by deans during the annual budget cycle to cover temporary leaves or vacancies. A Visiting Lecturer typically teaches 12 credit hours per semester.

What is Hybrid Certification?
Hybrid Certification through the TCU Koehler Center is required and designed to support a smooth hybrid course experience for instructors and students, as well as meet SACSCOC guidelines. There are three elements: TCU Online Skills Workshops; Hybrid Design and Delivery Course; and a One-on-One Consultation. Details and deadlines are available at

Do I need to take Hybrid Certification courses if I am teaching in person?
Yes. All TCU instructors must complete Hybrid Certification., whether teaching In-Person or Online.

Who do I contact to sign up for Hybrid Certification?
The TCU Koehler Center provides Hybrid Certification.

Will I still be able to have office hours? 
Yes. Regular office hours are important to maintain the personal interaction that is a hallmark of TCU. Office hours may be conducted in person or virtually.

What are the guidelines for in-person office hours? 
Wear face covering and practice physical distancing per TCU health and safety guidelines. If physical distancing is not possible, identify an alternate location. Office furniture should be arranged to ensure physical distancing. Doors should be open. Avoid physical contact.

Rules for Conduct

  • Instructors must keep detailed records of student visitors for contact tracing.
  • No food or beverages will be served.
  • Limit sharing supplies and materials.
  • Wipe surfaces with disinfectant wipes before and after use.

TCU health and safety guidelines are updated as needed, Visit the TCU Coronavirus COVID-19 website.

What are the requirements for face coverings and social distancing on the TCU Campus? 
The TCU Community should continue to follow TCU health and safety protocols which include wearing face coverings and maintaining physical distance in the classroom.

What can I do if a student doesn’t comply with TCU’s health and safety protocols?
Students are expected to comply with TCU’s health and safety protocols at all times while in public spaces on the TCU campus. Failure to do so in the classroom could result in the student being asked to leave the room. Repeat violations may be reported to Campus Life.

Should I wear a face shield or a face mask, or both?
Face shields may be worn while teaching. Face masks should be worn at all other times on campus.

What if I am symptomatic for COVID-19 or think I have been exposed?

  • Seek a viral test. There are several options for COVID-19 testing on or near the TCU campus. For a full list of details, see  COVID-19 Testing Locations.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, do not come to campus. If you are on campus, leave immediately and begin the isolation process. Contact the TCU COVID-19 hotline at 817-257-2684 to begin contact tracing and cleaning protocols.
  • Contact your dean to assure your class is covered by another instructor.

What if a student gets sick in my classroom? 
If the student needs immediate medical attention call 9-1-1. If the student is healthy enough to return to their place of residence, instruct them to go there and contact the TCU Health Center.

Will I be notified if a student tests positive for COVID-19? 
Yes. All in-person class instructors will be notified, along with their dean and the dean/building manager of all classrooms visited by the student.

Will I be notified if a student must self-isolate or self-quarantine due to COVID-19 positive test results? 
Yes. Campus Life will email instructors with the student’s name and dates expected to be unable to attend class. The student will be advised to communicate with their instructor.

What if the student was in close contact with others in the classroom?
Since classrooms are arranged for physical distancing, there should be no close contact in most cases.

Will the classroom be disinfected?
Yes. ALL TCU classrooms are disinfected nightly, TCU Facility Services will analyze the exposure and initiate any additional disinfection protocols.


How do I submit an academic event for possible approval?
All academic activities on campus and off campus that involve a structured gathering of more than 10 people must be registered and approved. This includes both indoor or outdoor activities. The sponsor must complete and submit the appropriate form (below) to their dean or unit head to request approval. All TCU health and safety protocols must be followed at all events. Note: No events will be held May 2-9, 2021, to allow for final exams and commencement ceremonies.

On-Campus Activity Approval Form

Off-Campus Activity Approval Form

COVID Student Release Internships and Activities 

Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Form 

Submit forms to

Note: University, County and State guidance are complex and continuously adapting to the current situation. While current restrictions are frustrating, these restrictions will not be required forever.  We will reassess as the semester nears, once we’ve demonstrated that, as a community, we are able to successfully navigate health and safety protocols.

Where can I find information for faculty about Spring 2021 Commencement?
Information for faculty about Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2020 (May 7) and Class of 2021 (May 8) can be found here.

Can I host Spring 2021 end-of-semester events?
Only the events submitted and approved by your dean may take place. Check with your dean for approved events. No events will be held May 2-9 to allow for final exams and Commencement. No events in private homes. TCU health and safety protocols must be followed at all events.

May I bring visitors to campus, such as guest speakers and judges for competitions?
Only TCU employees and authorized contractors and vendors should be on campus during the Spring 2021 semester. You may request visitors who are mission-critical by completing and submitting the form below. Visitors are allowed on campus for commencement ceremonies, which have been designed for the utmost health and safety of participants and attendees. All visitors must follow TCU health and safety guidelines while on campus.

On-Campus Activity Approval Form

Submit forms to

Can students participate in off-campus internships, clinicals, research or similar experience earning academic credit? 
Yes. Prior to participating in person, all students must complete the Assumption of Risk Form and COVID addendum, below.  These forms, along with a log of student participants, must be maintained in the Dean’s office.

COVID Student Release Internships and Activities Final

Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Form FINAL

Submit forms to

What about extending the probationary period in the case of an extraordinary experience or event beyond the individual’s control?
The pandemic is imposing personal challenges on each of us. The TCU Faculty-Staff Handbook states, “In the case of an extraordinary experience or event beyond the individual’s control that affects a non-tenured faculty member’s performance… the faculty member may request an extension of the probationary period” (p. 52). Faculty, within their first five years on the tenure track, may request an extension to their probationary period based on COVID-19 as an extraordinary experience. All requests should be facilitated through your Dean.